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Bengtson Streetscape Mission: It is the mission of the Streetscape Section of the Department of Engineering and Public Works to provide well designed, safe and sustainable beautification in the medians of unincorporated area thoroughfare roadways in order to supplement the urban forest and to enhance our environment. beautiful and functional, but also easy to repair and maintain whenever maintenance is required. 1 PUBLIC ARTWORK INTENT 5. 0 STREETSCAPE MAINTENANCE 6. Streetscape Maintenance staff oversees the maintenance of more than 565 acres of landscaping within the city, including:. Maintenance The owner of the property, or his designated agent, shall be responsible for the proper care and maintenance, and replacement if necessary, of all landscape materials in a healthy and growing condition. 3 TYPES OF ARTWORK 6.

2 The Design Manual should clearly state which parties are re-sponsible for the initial construction, maintenance, and replace-ment of the various infrastructure elements. The Streetscape Manual is a reference tool developed to guide the design, construction and maintenance of sidewalk and boulevard improvements on Toronto’s arterial road network. This includes reducing street clutter,. This position will perform a variety of manual labor tasks, assisting fully-trained personnel to repair, maintain, operate, and install basic City streetscape assets.

Maintenance of any street right-of-way improvements that are beyond City standards is the responsibility of the property owners unless otherwise negotiated with SDOT. The manual can be used as a reference document for planners, engineers and architects, providing speciications of our standards. The manual covers several types of small-scale features for the greater Mall area: benches, trash receptacles, light standards, drinking fountains, fire hydrants, post-and-chain barriers, and bike racks. Downtown have undergone streetscape improvements that included widened sidewalks, high quality paving, enhanced lighting, and street furniture. · The Streetscape Manual does not set new policy or revise regulations and standards, but rather codifies the City’s existing policies, decisions, and practices that relate to improving and maintaining streetscapes in Takoma Park. The streetscape is composed of the street, the sidewalks, lighting, trees, public art, and street furniture such as benches, trash containers and planters. This maintenance is a partnership between The Woodlands Township and The Woodlands Development Company through a streetscape contract, currently with Brightview.

service delivery across the City Council and working in streetscape maintenance manual partnership with the County Council. This includes everything from the road, adjoining buildings, sidewalks, street furniture, trees and open spaces that combine to form a street&39;s character and make it unique. Where this Manual Applies The guidelines in the manual apply within the boundaries of the Hudson Yards District, from 42nd Street down to 30th Street, between 8th Avenue and 12th Avenue. The manual provides guidelines and establishes minimum standards for a coordinated and consistent streetscape treatment for roadways throughout the City of Norfolk. and at Client Service Centres), there is a large rectangular space for you to draw the street and lot pattern of your streetscape that must show lot addresses. The fi rst part of the Streetscape Manual describes the process the use of level of service established in the City Process through detailed design to. By Meghan Spigle Dowker; Ma; Updating the Streetscape Manual.

The Streetscape Manual consists of details and specifications for elements within the right-of-way including roadway, curb and gutter, and sidewalk; street furnishings including streetlights, benches, trash and recycling receptacles, bicycle racks, and pedestrian barriers. This area is further broken down into streetscape typologies that differ in their proximity to Hudson Park, as follows: 34th Street 42nd Street 43rd Street. and Spaces Framework, this document intends to build on the success of the original Streetscape Manual by encouraging a uniform approach to the design, specification, installation and maintenance, specific to the respective areas of the city’s streetscape, whilst maintaining its unique historical assets and features. DURHAM DESIGN GUIDELINES MANUAL INTRODUCTION Use of the Design Manual Chapter 1: Downtown Design District Chapter 2: Downtown Streetscape Chapter 3: University-College Transitional Use Areas APPENDICES Appendix A: Glossary Appendix B: Streetscape Maintenance. Introduction A streetscape is defined as the visual elements of a street. Streetscape Manual aims to be fl exible and encourage innovative design. An example of such drawing is shown below, using a complex lot pattern. The Manual emphasizes design quality and amenity in the pedestrian realm and provides specifications for paving, trees, medians, lighting and street furniture.

The standards and guidelines in this manual apply to: •. 2 PUBLIC ARTWORK EXTENT 5. Traffc Signs Regulations and. This updated Streetscape Design Manual was developed to provide consistency with the updated Comprehensive Plan, adopted in, and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, adopted in. The maintenance of the high quality surfacing including Caithness and Granite paving slabs, setts and cubes. · Streetscape Manual: Interagency Initiative for National Mall Road Improvement Program (1993). Downtown Streetscape Design Manual What is the streetscape?

The Manual follows a hierarchy of streetscape types and assigns a set of standard or specialized design treatments for; paving, trees, medians, lighting and street furniture. 1 MAINTENANCE APPENDIX A Sample: Development Approval Plan Gladstone City CBD Streetscape Design Manual. · The primary workload involves landscape maintenance, site renovation, and maintenance of the City’s downtown street tree grates. A manual will help to: - consolidate existing good practices; - eliminate and prevent poor practices; - deliver consistent and. Streetscape Maintenance. Streetscape Character Analysis Form (at the end of this manual and also available at. 11 SERVICE LIDS 4. .

Design Manual for Roads and streetscape maintenance manual Bridges, and. You must use the new Wealthscape Investor SM login page at comto access your accounts. Streetscape Design Manual:October Principles of streetscape. The maintenance of street furniture including bollards, railings, benches etc. 05 The Manual is intended: To raise the profile of quality streetscape, and to build on and sustain partnerships between all agencies involved in the care and repair of the public realm.

For more information about The Woodlands Township, please visit www. This streetscape manual outlines our policies and ensures that we and partner agencies working on the streetscene take a coordinated and consistent approach to its maintenance and management. 0 Streetscape infrastructure should benefit as many people as possible. myStreetscape is now rebranded as Wealthscape Investor SM. Streetscape and Architectural Design Manual, adopted in. 17 April Draft - City of Reno Downtown Streetscape Design Manual — Page 4 5. , the removal or graffiti, general cleaning, painting and the maintenance of art features. This Manual gives owners guid- ance in the design and mainte- nance of streetscape improvements within the public right-of-way.

gov or call. Streetscape Manual Reference Map Click on a street segment to see the Street Type, Character Area, and any special design considerations. Maintenance and liability/ indemnification agreements must be established in such cases. The streetscape is that part of the street right -of-way between the face of the curb and the building. In addition to streetscape improvements, these Guidelines also address parking lot shading, site landscaping, irrigation requirements, planting standards and maintenance requirements. A Streetscape Maintenance Inspector is assigned to oversee each maintenance agreement, ensuring compliance with the contract, and observing work both during and upon completion. 0 PUBLIC ARTWORKS 5. Vaughan Citywide Streetscape Implementation Manual 189 APPENDIX A Level of Service Typical Cross Section Construction CAPITAL 4.

. RLA, Manager Carl W. 7 Key SDOT Considerations In Review of Street Design Concept Plans. streetscape maintenance manual The Streetscape Design Manual sets out the requirements for considerations which should be given to the design, construction and maintenance of the street environment in Lincolnshire. 85 / lm Amenity Zone Trees and Planters Tree Deciduous 60mm Caliper Planting Soil Compacted Mulch Softscape Sod Pedestrian Clearway Zone Main Field Poured In Place Concrete Frontage Zone Softscape Sod Planting Bed. In the coming months, the Streetscape URL will be retired, so be sure to update your Streetscape browser bookmarks to point to the new site.

established the streetscape design manual. View more information about maintenance agreements related to streetscape improvements in 6. Security Notice Welcome. However, the majority of streets in Downtown and The Quarters Downtown were constructed to the standard roadway guidelines of the time, which did not anticipate the level of pedestrian.

In updating the existing conditions and the proposed streetscape elements first presented in the July 1998 95th Street Cooridor Streetscape Manual, we have selected the following elements for the cooridor: ¾ Standard cross section- 14’ sidewalk width. If a property owner wishes to improve sections of streetscape that extend past his or her property line, permission must be obtained from owners of property abutting all streetscapes proposed for improvement. The Streetscape Manual guides the design, construction and maintenance of sidewalk and boulevard improvements on Toronto’s road network. Streetscape Manual The manual (see attached files section below) describes how we intend to maintain and improve our high standard of environmental quality. It is essential to understand the character of an area when redesigning a street. In downtown San Antonio, the streetscape includes streetscape maintenance manual the sidewalk surface, street trees, street/pedestrian lights and a collection of furnishings. It promotes walkable, attractive, safe, and universally accessible streets, while balancing aesthetic outcomes with maintenance and durability.

We currently maintain a number of areas throughout several western suburb councils including streetscape gardens, road side verges, median strips, road islands, bushlands, parks and sumps. Streetscape Maintenance Streetscape maintenance involves hedge trimming, pruning, rubbish collection, weed control and irrigation maintenance. WHY WE NEED A STREETSCAPE MANUAL Streets can only be well-designed if there is a clear set of practices that everyone follows. The graphics in the Manual are meant to show intent and defi nition rather than specifi c design and patterns.

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