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It can also be used to orient a map. Obvious examples of the simpler tools available are the protractor, map, compass, and pace count. An engineer lensatic compass, also known as a hand compass or sighting compass, allows you to take bearings on physical landmarks which can then be used to determine your exact position on a map or navigate toward the landmark even when it can no longer be seen. This item will be shipped via USPS PRIORITY MAIL.

Basic lensatic compass directions for younger children, not quite ready to use all the features. I generally line it up with a north/south gridline. The lensatic compass is comprised of different parts compared to a baseplate compass. Switch disconnectors 24 results Show all. INSTALLING of the Coleman Lensatic Compass into the tripod&39;s center hole.

Lensatic compasses are made up of three parts: cover, base, and reading lens. Mini controllers 48 results Show all. Engineer Directional. The difference in operation between a lensatic compass, mirror-sighting compass and standard baseplate compass is the accuracy to which you can site a bearing.

Vintage Lensatic Engineer Directional Compass New In Box Instruction Manual Cloth Pouch. Instruction Manual. 85), and were delivered to ERDL in January 1950. Next, do the same for the second point. These compasses are not artillery compasses but are used in a very similar fashion. The lensatic compass is used by the U. According to United States Army Corps of Engineers, the engineer compass is also called a lensatic compass. Army Corps of Engineers was responsible for compass procurement so most models had "Corps of Engineers" stamped on the case.

Step Action 1 Open the compass so that the cover is fully extended. Two-hand Hold of the Lensatic Compass. 9 OZ WEIGHT- FOLD ABLE- ON THE FRONT IS ENGRAVED LENSATIC COMPASS-LIQUID FILLED AND THE WORD EDGE- ON THE BACK IS ENGRAVED THE WORD JAPAN- AGE/MAKER UNKNOWN- CONDITION USED WORKS FINE-SHOWS WEAR-THE GOLD. The normal method to transfer angles from your lensatic compass to your map and back is with a protractor and a pencil. The effects of iron ships on the compass needle, with their permanent and induced magnetism, are very complicated to describe and engineer lensatic compass manual have been the subject of much study. By David Chandler The engineer lensatic compass is a precision instrument useful in measuring directions to objects and for land navigation. Cammenga Official US Military Tritium Lensatic Compass, Accurate Waterproof Hand Held Compasses with Pouch for Hiking Camping Navigation Survival Backpacking Orienteering 4. Experimental models of the wrist compass were produced by the Brunson Instrument Company, Kansas City, Missouri (Fig.

See my playlist LAND NAVIGATION for more instructional videos. With basics like compass parts and how to hold your lensatic compass, this is a very easy step by step guide. So, take your map and lay it down on a flat surface i. Get your little ones using them now, and they will be masters before you know it! The two basic techniques for using the lensatic compass are the center hold technique and compass-to-cheek technique. Theme Song By: Richard Gavril Turn the compass cover more manaul less perpendicular to the base. The older the map, the more likely the declination shown in the diagram is no longer correct.

Encoders 20 results Show all. The term “lensatic” comes from the fact that there is a lens on the rear side of the compass that aids in the orienteering process. Use the engineer compass to find the direction by lining up the compass with an object. This means that at around the 12 year mark, the tritium in your lensatic compass will have radiated about half the energy that it has to offer.

How to walk on a bearing. Please see pictures! The lensatic compass is (was) the typical military field compass, and is used principally to measure or lay out magnetic bearings.

According to United States Army Corps of Engineers, the engineer compass is also called a lensatic compass. Lensatic Compass Guide. The table below lists the steps to perform the center-hold technique.

The surveyor’s compass, now rare, had a long needle rotating relative to a fixed scale. Lensatic Compass. Find great deals on eBay for engineer lensatic compass.

Using a Lensatic Compass. • Induction damping by means of a copper damping shell so that Dial comes to rest within six seconds. However, the basic concepts involved in navigation by compass. Cold weather tests of the lensatic compass were conducted at Fort Churchill, Canada, and in January 1951 service test models were procured and shipped to service test agencies. The instructions for use that follow will be based on the lensatic model, since it is the more durable of the two. The cover will form a straightedge with the base. Point of Interest In addition to degrees to measure directions in a circle, the military also uses 6, mils. PROVEN • RUGGED ACCURATE.

It has its advantages and disadvantages over the orienteering compass. A plumb bob can lesatic suspended so that it cuts Polaris, and the bearing to the plumb bob cord then measured. 522-8- LENSATIC COMPASS-LIQUID FILLED- THIS IS A METAL COMPASS THAT IS 2 3/4" IN DIAMETER-THE FACE OF THE COMPASS IS 1 7/8" IN DIAMETER- 2. In this video I show what a Lensatic Compass is used for and how to use it. How to Use the Engineer Compass. However, by the late 1940s the Army decided it was time for a whole new design.

INSTRUCTIONAL BOOKLET SECTION PAGE INTRODUCTION PARTS OF THE LENSATIC COMPASS DETERMINE DIRECTION (SIGHTING AN AZIMUTH) TO SET A COURSE (3 METHODS TO FOLLOW A BEARING) PROCEEDING engineer lensatic compass manual ALONG AN AZIMUTH DECLINATION ADJUSTMENT (3 METHODS TO ORIENT A MAP) LOCATING POSITION USING INTERSECTION TOTAL DARKNESS USAGE DEFINITIONS GENERAL INFORMATION. • A rubber cup sealing the copper damping shell, making the compass waterproof. After reading those engineer lensatic compass manual two articles anyone should be able to go out and perform basic land navigation with a map and lensatic compass.

Obvious examples of the simpler tools available are. At that time, the U. I cannot find the origin of the word “compass” as applied to the magnetic compass. There’s a better way, I believe, from both a time and an accuracy standpoint. Techniques for Using the Lensatic Compass. The first step is to always take a compass bearing.

As the name implies, the lensatic compass employs a lens in the rear sight that allows precise readings of the dial. Ensure that the dial is moving freely. Army standard issue during that time and remaining so today.

One advantage is it&39;s probably more accurate when it comes to "shooting azimuths," meaning the act of determining the specific compass direction to a spot on the earth. The azimuth is the angular measurement of an object&39;s direction in relation to the viewer. Shop with confidence. Lensagic ship’s compass has a rotating graduated disc, like the lensatic compass, and the fixed index is called the lubber’s line. FAX ( ANILINE AVE.

The Lensatic Compass, the most common military instrument for measuring direction, was first during World War II, an evolution of the pre-war Compass, Prismatic M-1938. The Army took the best functional elements of the M1938 compass – the lensatic sighting design and the combined degree and mil scales on the compass card – added induction dampening, a needle lift device, a much larger sighting lens and a larger thumb loop and placed it all in a beefed-up waterproof aluminum. A typical lensatic compass is shown at the right (from FM 21-25). Monitoring relays. Lay the compass down on the map so its long side is parallel with the north/south axis of the map. Open the cover of the A compass is a floating magnetic needle that always points toward a magnetic of Engineers, the engineer compass is also called a lensatic compass. Next, rotate the entire thing (map and compass) until your compass is telling you that it&39;s pointing north. Place your thumb in the loop on the side of the compass.

Take your lensatic compass and open it up all the way so it is one flat line. Learn Land Navigation Now. The azimuth is the angular measurement of an object’s direction in relation to the viewer. PLEASE NOTE: THE PLASTIC HINGE COVER HINGES ARE BROKEN. From your known location on the map, you take your protractor, line it up to true north, find the angle to your next point, adjust for declination, and then shoot that angle with your compass. In addition to degrees to measure directions in a circle, the military also uses 6, mils. Unplugged ActiveKids. How to take a magnetic bearing / azimuth.

Lensatic Compass Liquid Filled Metal Case 2" Inch Rugged Heavy Duty Military Magnetic Directional Engineers for North South Map Positioning Easy Readability, Polarity Direction Finder . 7 out of 5 stars 876 . Lensatic Compass Introduction Land navigation requires the use of many tools; the more experienced the navigators, the more tools they will use.

HOLLAND, MICHIGAN Learn how to use the lensatic compass used by. Package includes:1x GWHOLE lensatic compass (with pouch & lanyard), 1x User Manual; 1 year warranty from GWHOLE Buy manual Now UST Heritage Lensatic Compass with Lightweight Brass Construction for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Hunting and Outdoor Survival. The CAMMENGA LENSATIC COMPASS features: • A Dial balanced on a precision made synthetic sapphire jeweled bearing.

Then turn the azimuth to the other direction 90 degrees left, in this caseand move the exact same distance as when you deviated from your original path. LENSATIC COMPASS MANUAL PDF - PRECISION COMPASS. Regardless, let’s break it down into several steps: Open the compass cover at a 90-degree angle and then set the lens bracket at a 30-degree angle. Doing that with a lensatic compass is much like doing that with any other compass. Both styles rose engineer lensatic compass manual in prominence during World War II, with the lensatic model becoming U. ENGINEER LENSATIC COMPASS MANUAL PDF.

The lensatic compass is was the typical military field compass, and is used principally to measure or lay out magnetic bearings. Robin Reichert is a mwnual nutrition consultant, certified personal trainer and professional writer. Definition of a Lensatic Compass So let’s get to the point, that being lensayic the “lensatic” term means. This type of compass is also commonly used in the military and for orienteering. Things Cpmpass Engineer lensatic compass. Things Needed Engineer lensatic compass. This isn&39;t generally important in normal orienteering (competitive or pleasure as in hiking), but if you are using a compass for surveying you need the highest degree of accuracy possible.

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